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Online Course in
Advanced Grant Proposal Writing
and Resource Mobilization

Course demo and overview

Course details
Course Details

The main information page for each course gives details of who it is intended for and the outline of information to be provided.
This demo gives further details on how we accomplish the stated goals of the course.

Course details screenshot
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Course Details and Registration
Online or offline registration

Participants can create an account for themselves on the website, pay the tuition fee and gain immediate access to the course. Preliminary modules are available right away; the remaining content will be made accessible on the course start date.
Alternatively, the application fee may be sent by upload or email and the fees paid offline. Access will be granted once the payment has cleared.
It is also possible to register a group of participants and make tuition payment by bank transfer.

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Course delivery
Course Delivery

Once the course begins, all lessons are contained within the main view. The left sidebar provides the course outline, with checkboxes for participants to track their progress. If there are time limits for any sections of the course (usually assignments or quizzes) these are stated along with the item title.

Introduction - showing sidebar
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Course Software - Outline in Sidebar
Contextual resources
Contextual resources

Within the body of the modules, links to outside resources provide further detail, definitions, and opportunities for additional research.
Modules may include illustrations, video or audio content, charts, tables, graphs, and templates to organize both coursework and practical application of the material.

Resource links in context
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Resource Links in Context
Resource links as a list
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Resource Links in Lists
Resource table for reference
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Reference Tables
Resource diagram
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Reference Diagrams
Resource template
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Templates for Practical Application

Each course has a private forum available only to participants in the course. They are invited to introduce themselves and share questions and expertise.
Additionally, participants may leave feedback for course facilitators within each of the lessons.

Forum screenshot
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Discussion Forum

While delivery of the course is online, the intention is for facilitated delivery of the material. Course instructors monitor participants' progress and their feedback and postings in the forums to ensure that questions are addressed in a timely fashion. Facilitators also watch for potential misunderstanding and redirect participants to ensure the concepts are clear and can be practically applied in their work. The intention is to support all participants who give their best to the course to complete it successfully.

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