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  • Carine Atchia November 21, 2018 at 11:19 am Reply

    I am a little puzzled by these assumptions in this chapter :

    ” Gender analysis aims to achieve equity, rather than equality.

    Gender equality is based on the premise that women and men should be treated in the same way. This fails to recognise that equal treatment will not produce equitable results, because women and men have different life experiences.

    Gender equity takes into consideration the differences in women’s and men’s lives and recognises that different approaches may be needed to produce outcomes that are equitable. ”

    I am sure that I have read still in this course that “equity leads to equality.” Now it seems for me from above mentionned that equity is rather what must be looked for instead of equality. Does this whole gender mainstreaming affair not aim to gender equality?
    I thought these two (equity and equality) were complementary notions.

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