In today’s competitive, pressure-packed world, there’s no stronger imperative than to “get things done” – many things, and in increasingly limited amounts of time. For many organisations, the daily challenge is meeting goals and managing the projects that seem to rise in direct proportion to the falloff of available time. How can project managers and organisations defend against and conquer the onslaught of projects that advances more ruthlessly with each passing day? One way to resolve to work smarter, and not harder. Strategic Project Design and Management Course is designed to enable project managers and organisations to do just that.

This course will show participants how to conceive, plan, implement, monitor, and complete the complex projects that are today’s pressing workplace priorities. Each of the modules simplifies the how-tos and whys of project design and management, and provides useful guidelines.

Managing a project effectively is not an event, but a process. This course shows you how to get a project off the ground, manage the inevitable uncertainties that crop up along the way, organize information, and communicate effectively about it. You will learn how to monitor each project effectively, provide progress reports, hold review meetings, and keep to schedules. You’ll also learn how to control costs, avoid unwanted expansion boundaries, and manage the risk of veering off course.

A crucial phase in the effective management of any project us the close-down, or conclusion. At the end of the course, participants will develop an understanding of the benefits or a thorough plan for closing each project, how to create one, and how to allocate resources for it.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Explain their expectations for successful projects and develop means of implementing them through improved planning, communication, and project monitoring.
  2. Describe tools and methods that can be used to better understand the community they serve.
  3. Work through the steps of project planning, develop a potential project for their community, and learn a process they can replicate with their communities.
  4. Develop a plan for how they will apply the skills and knowledge learned in the course to their jobs and share them with others.

Participants will be equipped with strategies on how to plan, manage, and succeed in the process. It provides a wealth of effective strategies that will help participants rise to the occasion of each new project and conquer it not by working longer hours, but by working smarter.


This is an online course, so you’ll need to have a computer with an Internet connection, and you’ll need a web-browser (you can use IE or FireFox). All the course materials you’ll need to complete this course are provided in the course modules. You will not need to purchase any additional materials, resources, or books. You will also have the opportunity of experiencing the best online training platform.


  • Online, interactive, self-paced and self-learning modules.
  • Assignments to test your knowledge and understanding before and after the course.
  • Opportunity to post comments, assignment answers, live chat and blogging etc.

The training is primarily designed for representatives from governments, project teams, NGOs, foreign missions, multi and bi-lateral donors/ development organizations, financial institutions, consultancies, academia, armed forces, etc., who are directly or indirectly associated with the management of development projects in any region of the world.

The course tuition fee is US$300. There is a limited amount of partial scholarships available for this course for applicants from developing countries, based on financial need.

LOCATION: Online (Web-based)

The deadline for application is 28th February 2018. While full tuition payment is due on before 2nd March 2018. However, applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Completed application form should be sent to email:[email protected].  Register early for this wonderful learning opportunity!

Further inquiries about the course may be sent to email: [email protected]OR [email protected].

Course Curriculum



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